Fabulous Gift Ideas for Grandparents & Parents

Grandparents and parents can be SO HARD to find gifts for. So often it feels like they have everything! This list of gift ideas from the adults or the kids is full of awesome ideas for Christmas or birthday!

gift ideas for parents and grandparents

Adult parents and grandparents can be SO HARD to find gifts for.  But this list of gift ideas for grandparents and parents is full of awesome ideas that will make it easy to find the perfect gift for your grandparents or parents.

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Name Vertical Bar Necklace– I don’t know any grandmothers or mothers that wouldn’t love this gift to show off the names of their kids or grandkids!

pesonalized necklace for grandparents

Personalized Heart Map– This is such a sweet gift to share with any parent or grandparent that lives far away but needs a reminder of how much you love them.

map art for grandparents

Collapsible Crates– Let’s face it, parents are always toting things around for their kids.  These collapsible crates are sturdy enough to hold things still in a trunk and light enough to carry around as needed.  It’s also perfect for loading grandparents up with necessities when they want to spend time with their grandkids 🙂 I love that they lay flat for easy storage when you aren’t using them!

collapsible crate

Kid Quote Custom Wall Art– I have to admit it–this is one of the best gift ideas for grandparents and parents I have ever seen.  You know all those HILARIOUS things your kids say?!  Now you can have their adorable quotes turned into art.  A perfect gift for proud grandparents and parents alike!

quote art for grandparents

Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner– After wanting one of these FOR YEARS, I finally bought one on Amazon Prime Day. And it’s every bit as fabulous as I thought it would be. The fact that my house is getting vacuumed while I am doing something else is a SOLID win in my book. If you have young kids and/or pets (we have both), put this on the VERY TOP of your Christmas wish list this year. And even if your adult parents don’t have to clean up after you anymore, they will appreciate not having to vacuum as often (especially when the grandkids visit)!


Customized Photo Calendar– Everyone needs a calendar, so why not create a beautiful calendar full of fabulous family photos for your loved one?

photo calendar for grandparents

Be Present Box– I’ll admit it.  I spend too much time on my smartphone, as do many parents and grandparents.  Remind them to be present and spend time with family by giving them this gorgeous “be present” box to put their phones in 🙂

phone box

Gallery Monogram Pillow– I don’t think parents and grandparents love anything more than seeing their favorite photos of their kids/grandkids.  And now you can have their favorite photos printed on a pillow for them!

photo pillow for grandparents

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set– This letter book set is meant for mothers and daughters to share.  It is a nostalgic set of 40 cards are meant to be sent, shared and treasured until the very last envelope is sealed. There are hundreds of personal prompts that encourage you to share bits of your personality that family otherwise wouldn’t see. Once you finish them, the cards find their way back into the secret pockets of the book. This book is a fabulous way to honor your bond with your mother.  So SWEET!

mother daughter book

Wood Sign for Grandmother– I LOVE this custom sign for grandmothers!  You can customize it so that it displays whatever term of endearment your kids call their grandmother.

wooden mimi sign

Fleece Photo Blanket– A warm and cozy blanket with family photos on it…need I say more?! 

fleece photo blanket


Personalized Canoe Family Print– Now this is one of my absolute favorite gift ideas for grandparents and parents I have ever seen. A colorful cast of characters custom-designed to look like your family paddles along in a cozy canoe built for 2-14. You can choose hair and skin color to match your family and even your family pet can join you!

personalized family drawing

Cool Grandpa T-Shirt– What awesome granddad wouldn’t love this shirt?  It’s one of best I have seen! Not too cutesy and a nostalgic style–all grandpas will love this!

cool grandpa tee shirt

Easy Change Artwork Frame– These super clever easy change artwork frames allow parents and grandparents to display the endless works of art from their little ones!  It’s easy to change the art out as often as the artists in the family create it–just open the door and slide the new picture into the front pocket. Each frame also includes a compartment behind the picture to store about 50 more pictures!  No more cluttered refrigerators with magnets and artwork!

easy open frame for grandparents

Blue Apron Gift Card– I’m not sure anything says “I love you” better than having the ingredients for full meals delivered to someone who loves to cook, but doesn’t always have time to grocery shop for the perfect ingredients.  You can purchase 2-person or family meals and have them delivered for 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks.  This is one of my favorite gift ideas for grandparents and parents (hint, hint–if any of my loved ones are reading this, I would LOVE this for Christmas)!

blue apron gift card

Grandparent Mug Set– These are hands down the most gorgeous grandparent mugs I have ever seen.  There is no doubt the recipients of these mugs will feel extra special!

grandma and grandpa mugs

That’s it friends!  Aren’t those some fabulous gift ideas for grandparents and parents?  Anything you have found that I should add to the list?

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