Attley’s Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover REVEAL

We totally transformed this very beige and boring bathroom into a colorful and beautiful space. We used some creative solutions to avoid spending a fortune ($8,100 is the natural average for a bathroom renovation) and demo!

Y’all, we survived yet ANOTHER bathroom makeover/renovation! This is far from the first bathroom makeover/renovation we’ve done. We completely gutted and remodeled our girls’ bathroom and the powder room in our last house ourselves. And then we gave our primary bathroom a super affordable makeover shortly before moving out a year ago. Then a couple of months ago, we totally updated Avery’s bathroom in our current house.

If you read the post where I laid out the plans for Attley’s budget-friendly bathroom makeover, you know that I had a lot of work to do in here and that was BEFORE we decided to re-tile her shower. THANK YOU to everyone who followed along on my Instagram stories and cheered me on the whole time–that made it super fun!

Originally, we had planned to work with all the existing materials in Attley’s bathroom because though it was outdated, there was absolutely nothing “wrong” with her bathroom. As with Avery’s bathroom, the layout was great and there were no leaks, cracks or any other problems. The bathtub, sink and vanity were all in great shape. So again, I just couldn’t wrap my head around ripping everything out and starting from scratch. It felt wasteful from a material standpoint AND from a budget standpoint. And we managed to give Avery’s bathroom a totally new look without changing any of the tile, so I was ready to just go for it again.

This was the original plan for Attley’s bathroom. We were essentially going to “hide” her ugly shower tile behind curtains like we did in Avery’s bathroom.